The Attic is an open community of learner and experienced amateur artists working individually and in groups in the attic above the

Goat and Tricycle pub

near the Triangle in Bournemouth, UK

Sorry - we're hibernating, but we'll be back, and hungry to re-start as soon as

the virus clouds lift 


Best wishes to you all and your families


Join us to:

  • "Back to Art"   Paint with  new and old friends on a fun guided introduction to different styles and mediums, with refreshments

  • Learn new techniques and media at our  Workshops

  • Parties - Hen Parties, Birthday Parties (for over-18s): come for a few hours of fun with art

  • Sell your art by displaying in our large studio, our on-line Gallery, and our display in Woosters Coffee House in Westbourne

Free 'taster days'

Discount rates for students under 25

Give a Gift Token to a budding artist friend

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